I can’t recommend Jo and the theraplate highly enough!! unfortunately I got stood on by my horse and after using the theraplate within 3 days I managed to get my boot back on and back riding!! This would have taken weeks of rest without the use of the plate!
I have also suffered with plantarfasciitis recently which is extremely painful!! After having the theraplate at home to use regularly the pain has dramatically reduced and I’m no longer limping 🙌🙌 !

Donna Waddington

On Wednesday my horse got his leg through the electric fence. Very swollen, hot and lame 😒 a double treatment on the plate with cold therapy and the results are amazing after 3 days! Thanks Jo 👍

Claire Cope

I started going on the theraplate due to having a sore back and neck which was causing me to have headaches.
Since using the theraplate every 3 weeks my headaches have stopped due to my back and neck no longer being sore.
I leave the session feeling taller, straighter and pain free. I would highly recommend to anyone to give it a go 😊

Nicola Chatel

I had a chronic knee injury since April and have struggled to do the things I enjoy. Jo has been a tremendous help and has got me back riding and doing the things I enjoy. This resulted in us hiring the theraplate to have an intense course with it. Jo dropped the theraplate off and collected it. Excellent service.

Jessica Elizabeth Quilliam

Wow I am amazed how I felt just after one session on the human theraplate. I’ve been suffering with a riding injury for nearly 3 weeks and have been suffering pain in my hip and pelvis all that time. After a deep muscle session on the bed and then a stand on the foot plate I walked out of there completely pain free and feel in myself absolutely amazing! I’m currently having some sessions with my horse on the animal theraplate and well if he feels half as good as I do then the results should be amazing. Very excited to see the progress! Thank you so much Jo!!!

Angie Goody

Well, after a spectacular fall at my Christmas party 🍾🥴🍾 I can’t recommend Jo and her theraplate enough. There was no sign of the swelling budging. I hired the theraplate for the week and it instantly reduced the swelling, bruising and started freeing up my ankle!! Great service from start to finish. Thank you ☺️

Boccarossa Gina

Just done 7 days with the theraplate for my broken shoulder, absolutely amazed at how much it has helped me with the pain and being able to sleep better.
I highly recommend the theraplate and wouldn’t hesitate to hire it again, I’m definitely going to have weekly sessions to help with the healing and my other conditions.
Thank you so much Jo you a absolute star, I highly recommend you and the theraplate

Paula Kelly