The History Story of Manx Theraplate

My sister and myself purchased an Equine Theraplate in January 2018 to help keep down our vet’s bill, reduce injuries, ailments and maintains muscle tone on our own horses. We started treating our horses immediately, and the improvements where pretty quickly noticed, increased muscle, looseness in the body, especially after a tough training session. We started treating local equine’s in order to help pay for the Equine Theraplate. The results were proving amazing and the feedback was just as good.

Manx Theraplate was created in June 2018 after working with Theraplate UK and the founder/inventor Chip Kreling of the Theraplate USA and being inspired.  I thought that the Theraplate would really benefit the Isle of Man in many area’s and I really believe in how brilliant the Theraplate was at helping the body. I suffer from Scoliosis in my back, and it has really helped my back become stronger, eased my siatica. By improving my core I’ve found I’m a stronger rider, helping me with my show jumping and eventing.


Jo Priest

What is Theraplate and how does it work

The Theraplate is a totally unique therapy platform which uses advanced, patented technology called Wave Vortex Therapy to help support the body’s natural healing mechanism. Working from the inside out, the Theraplate helps to support the prevention of injury in horses, humans and other animals.

Wave Vortex Therapy encourages the muscles to rhythmically contract and release, supporting circulation and transporting blood to areas of the body not usually targeted when standing still. The Theraplate is used successfully for sports conditioning, rehabilitation and recovery, with many satisfied clients all over the globe reporting positive improvements to performance and recovery from injury.

Who can benefit, why it differs to other therapies

Before & After

The Isle of Man has so many sports people, in so many forms it would be really suitable for so many people.  Equestrians obviously having horses myself and treating the horses with the equine theraplate, motorbike users, cyclists, athletes in all their forms, and those who suffer from various ailments.  The other ailments seems to be the busiest market so far, and very successful.

What sets the Theraplate aside from other therapy platforms is its patented Wave Vortex Therapy technology which causes the motors to move in a circular motion with no beginning or end, much like a whirlpool. This motion creates a vortex of energy and initiates involuntary muscle contractions. The greatest advantage of this technology is that it is impact and concussion free and is unlikely to cause further aggravation to existing injuries, meaning that the Theraplate is safe for to use with broken bones or open wounds.

The Theraplate is made in the USA and is the product of over 30 years research and development. With a range of units, the benefits of the Theraplate can be enjoyed by everyone. The frame is made out of aircraft aluminium and is capable of holding 2,500lbs making it strong and durable however easy to transport as each half section of the K21 large horse unit weighs just 80lbs. Being easily mobile,  the Theraplate is ideal to take to shows or events and is used as a pre-performance warm up or a post-performance recovery.

The Theraplate is used daily by professional athletes all around the globe and supported by veterinarians, chiropractors, physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists alike. The range of units can be used by humans, horses and other animals, all benefiting from the same patented Wave Vortex Therapy. Available with a lifetime warranty and free servicing, the Theraplate is easy to use and has a free accompanying app with program guides and advice. The control box itself uses a dial system with levels from 0-100. Users have control of the power level of the motors in the Theraplate which can be adjusted based on the programs found on the app.

The difference explained

The Theraplate is unlike any other product on the market due to the advanced technology it uses. Wave Vortex Therapy uses a Centrifugal Force which is almost perfectly balanced meaning that it is concussion free. ​

The Theraplate is sometimes compared to other vibration floors, however it is truly unique. Vibration can have adverse affects on existing injuries and shakes the body, which can be uncomfortable.

This video explains how Theraplate is different to conventional vibration floors.